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This article focuses on the Pop'n Stage character, Hotaru. If you are looking for the Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden TV/Anime license, see Hotaru no Hikari.

Hotaru is one of the characters from Pop'n Stage.


 She's the top star of a famous theater company. Because of this, she's always busy preparing for performances.. Her energetic singing voice has many fans, and tickets sell out quickly.


Hotaru is a peach-skinned girl with light periwinkle eyes and long, wavy brown hair. On her head is a large baby-blue barrette. She wears a red long-sleeved shirt with a white collar, a long knee-length skirt with an apron, and tan-colored boots.

For her 2P color palette, Hotaru is given cerulean hair and blue eyes. Her hat is pink with a red brim. Hotaru's shirt and skirt are indigo while her boots are colored maroon.

NET Self

Attack Lalala~♪ (ラララ~♪ Rarara~♪?)
Damage No way! (いや~ん Iyaan?)
GOOD Play *smiling* (にっこり Nikkori?)
BAD Play Eh? (あれ~? Are~??)
WIN Tee-hee♪ (ウフフ♪ Ufufu♪?)
LOSE Boo-hoo... (シクシク Shikushiku?)


TOWN Mode (Pop'n Music Tune Street)

Conversation Only [Phase 3]

My next musical performance starts soon.
 Please come to the theater if you'd like.
 There'll be very splendid costumes and music!
 ♪Lalala~ La~♪
 Oh, sorry, my mistake...(blush)


Hotaru (ホタル?) translates to "firefly".


  • Both Hotaru and Clara are the fifth set of characters who mimic one-another or appear as someone else; however, Hotaru is given different animations and a different attire in Pop'n Music 5.



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