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Hoshio is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 9.


The strongest ace of the Pop'n Academy's table tennis department!
He's a simple guy who only has things relating to table tennis on his head, but it also seems that there are many juniors who love his gentle nature! Possessing the table tennis ball "Rainbow-Colored Ray", today he will also roar!


Hoshio is a boy whose face resembles a table tennis racquet. In his 1P version, he has white head with an orange star, wears a red scarf, a loose white shirt, blue shorts, white shoes with teal soles and pink socks.

In his 2P version, his head is now light-orange, the scarf is purple as well as its outfits and shoes.


  • The girl who appears in Hoshio's LOSE animation is named Tama-chan.