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Hoshi no Hito is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


私は 人々の 感じる 神秘的な力を 具現化出来る 能力を 
有しているかも しれない です。
I am a person with the ability to embody the mystical force.
Have the might.


Hoshi no Hito is a surrealist creature carrying an unplugged, yet working TV. He has one red eye surrounded by color-changing petals, a yellow nose at the side of his head, and his mouth aloft. His slender body seems to be composed of red stardust.

His 2P gives his body a yellow color with a bright pink tint following his mouth. While the petals surrounding Hoshi no Hito's eye used to be magenta, yellow, white and pink, they now resemble a rainbow, and his eye had changed to a yellow color. His nose is now green, and the TV set shares the color of his body.

In Pop'n Music Sunny Park, he holds an apple in his mouth.

NET Self

Attack Kyuaaaa (きゅぁぁぁぁ Kiyuaaaa?)
Damage Gyoaaaa (ぎょぁぁぁぁ Gyoaaaa?)
GOOD Play Hyoaaaa (ひょぁぁぁぁ Hiyoaaaa?)
BAD Play Kuaaaa (くぅぁぁぁぁ Kuuaaaa?)
WIN Pikaaaaa (ぴかぁぁぁぁ Pikaaaaa?)
LOSE Zaaaaaa (ざぁぁぁぁぁ Zaaaaaa?)


  • Hoshi no Hito's name means "being of the stars" in Japanese.
  • Hoshi no Hito shares his birthday with Aloe, El Soluna, Jadeite, Chira, To-No, Hitori and Mikoko.
  • Hoshi no Hito is considered a top-class Asaki character.




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