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ほるん Horun
Cha main horn 00
Little princess from a country of musical notes♪

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Birthplace Melodia
Birthdate June 3rd
Gender Female
Race Alien
Eye Color Bluish-green
Hair Color Light sea green
Hobby Conducting
Relative(s) Copel
Likes Listening and collecting songs
Dislikes Loud noises
First Appearance pop'n music éclale
Theme(s) popcorn parade
Designer(s) mayo

Horn is one of the characters from Pop'n Music éclale.


A little princess from a country of musical notes,
Even in the sky she aims to become the best conductor♪

Horn is a talented, melodious princess, who brings people together by encouraging them to do their best through music. She believes that differences are the key to create melody and harmony throughout the world, hoping to become a true conductor someday.

Character Information

Sounds like the wind of percussion with screws, a toy box and a merry-go-round with something fun-filled, packed with energetic, cute sounds going "Squeeze squeeze", as it was overflowing off the weir!

Noting thought that way when I heard this song was to have the impression of sparkles.

The hand of a baton, swinging notes to the head,

Melodies weaving notes of the cute companion animals!!

Munimuni, along with the cute princess in good spirits,

Please enjoy nice relaxations~~!



Horn is a little girl with white skin, sea green eyes and pastel, greenish hair styled in a bob with swirled bangs, tied up like a ribbon at the end with some pearl-esque accessories gathering it. She wears a pink marching band-inspired jumpsuit with white lapels, bright yellow lace, blue buttons and light blue lacy ribbons attached. Horn also wears white Mary Janes and white mittens with lavender-yellow fringes. She carries around a dark purple baton that resembles a forte musical sign. In her Win animation, she is given a fancy dress that is pink with a white, vertical accent and a blue top layer, overlaying a white layer on top of it with a red cape.

Horn's 2P gives her honeydew hair, pale dark olive eyes and a yellow suit with black sections everywhere, included on her ornaments, hair and baton.

NET Self

Attack Here I go♪ (ほるんるん♪ Horun run♪?)
Damage He~lp (ほるる~ん Horu ru~n?)
GOOD Play I'll do~it! (やるる~ん! Yaru ru~n!?)
BAD Play Wah~ (ひゃわわ~ん Hyawa wa~n?)
WIN How nice♪ (すてきなの♪ Sutekina no♪?)
LOSE No way~! (だめなの~! Damena no~!?)


Horn's name comes from the musical instrument she rides in her animations.


  • The instrument in Horn's animations resembles the musical notes designed in the Pop'n Music éclale logo.
  • Copel makes a cameo in Horn's FEVER! Win animation. Although, since she is likely related to her, she must've forgotten all about her when she lost her memory. Both characters are similar-looking princesses.
  • Horn's emoticon is f*0v0):.






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