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This article focuses on the Pop'n Music 8 character, Honey. See the disambiguation.

Honey is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 8.



A songstress with plenty of sex appeal said to be the queen of Kabuchiko.

It seems that she's the "sister" of a singer who is equally popular in the same neighborhood...


Showa Waltz[]

Honey appears with olive-colored eyes and long, yellow hair that is wavy. She has a beauty mark located under her left eye.


Honey dons a purple, ankle-length dress with a sky-colored sash and white shoes with little, black heels. Her small hat shares the color of her dress, and contains a white flower and a small, chained veil. She carries a light-blue purse with magenta flower prints, white gloves, and a poodle named Creamy.


Honey wears a floor length dress with a blue gradient and elbow-length light blue gloves. Her sash is periwinkle and connected to the pearls on her wrists, and is adorned with pearls around the neck as well as stars and seashells on the back. Her hair is decorated with similar accessories.

Other Character Comments[]

Pop'n Music 10: 妖艶な魅力を持つ歌姫さん。 今回は音楽と芸術の都、巴里に小旅行。 目的はカフェにショッピング?え!ステキな殿方とのアバンチュール? The songstress has a bewitching appeal.This time, she took a small trip to the city of music and art, Paris. Was it her purpose to go shopping in the cafe? Yeah! Could she also be taking an adventure with a wonderful gentleman?

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET TOWN Mode[]


Oh, do you want to play with big sister?
 That's so cute~
 There's no need to hold back so much.
 I shall teach you about the world of

NET Self[]

Attack Bad voice! (どすこい! Dosukoi!?)
Damage Nooo (イヤ~ン Iyaan?)
GOOD Play N-i-c-e (す・て・き Su-te-ki?)
BAD Play Huh (あらん Aran?)
WIN Please excuse me (失礼遊ばせ Shitsurei asobase?)
LOSE I lost~! (くやし~! Kuyashi~!?)

NET Self (Aegean)[]

Attack The woman is the sea~ (オンナは海~ Onna wa umi~?)
Damage Zaba~an (ザバ~ン Zaba~an?)
GOOD Play N-i-c-e (す・て・き Su-te-ki?)
BAD Play Huh (あらん Aran?)
WIN Please sleep (お眠りなさい O nemuri nasai?)
LOSE Salty (しょっぱい Shoppai?)


  • Honey shares her birthdate with Suisei Laura, DJ Raijin and Misako-chan.
  • Though her mannerisms and overall appearance are feminine, Honey's gender is listed as unknown on her card.
    • shio describes Honey as "Transcending age and gender".