​ Japanese

タイマツもって ガイコツも
ちょうつがいはずし おどったぜ
とおりのうらの ごみばこじゃ
イワシのあたまも おどったぜ
ホネホネロック ホネホネロック
ホネホネ ホネロック

ホネホネロック ホネホネロック
ホネホネ ホネロック


taimatsu motte gaikotsu mo
choutsugai hasushi odotta ze
toori no ura no gomibako ja
iwashi no atama mo odotta ze
hone hone rock hone hone rock
hone hone hone rock

hone hone rock hone hone rock
hone hone hone rock

​English Translation

I had a torch and the skeleton.
I also took off the hinges.
In the garbage can at the back of the street.
The head of the dictionary also danced.
Boney Boney Rock
Boney Boney Rock
Boney Boney Boney Rock

Song Connections/Remixes

  • ホネホネロック was the B-side song for the パタパタママ single, which was put in pop'n music 10.
  • The pop'n music series use a cover version of ホネホネロック, while jubeat plus and REFLEC BEAT plus use the original version of the song.


  • Until キルト, ホネホネロック was the only collaboration in BEMANI between Osamu Migitera and Sanae Shintani.
    • According to D-crew, he threw Sana into ホネホネロック's chorus when he saw her walking by while recording.
  • Fat Boy appears in hone nyami's FEVER! animation, Hone appears in the WIN animation, and Otoko-Man appears in the LOSE animation.

DIfficulty & Notecounts

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 145 257 576 657 248 506
pop'n music 9 11 14 26 33 12 25
pop'n music 10→11 ↓5 9 26 33 12 25
pop'n music 9 CS 5 9 26 33 12 25




Hone hone rock

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