home.(kors k Remix)
home.(kors k Remix)
秋桜+WORLD SEQUENCE remixed by kors k
Pe home (kors k Remix)
Home.(kors k Remix)
Romanized Title -
English Translation -
Genre in Japanese -
Artist Name Romanized cosmos+WORLD SEQUENCE remixed by kors k
Lyrics cosmos
Other Instruments Seiya Murai (Composition), kors k (Arrangement)
BPM 128
Status Default
Length 2:03
Character Nazuna & Suzuna Icon
First Appearance Pop'n music peace logo
Other Appearance(s) None.


See lyrics here.

Song Connections/Remixes

  • home.(kors k Remix) is a remix of home., HEALING DUO from pop'n music 12 いろは.
  • home.(kors k Remix) originally comes from the pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition.


  • home.(kors k Remix) is one of the unlocks of the pop'n time trip -prologue- (ポップンタイムトリップ プロローグ?) event from Pop'n Music peace. It can be unlocked from December 20th, 2018 by filling out the first pop'n music 12 いろは card.
  • home.(kors k Remix) is the second song from the pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition to make an appearance in pop'n music peace, and it is also the first remixed song from this soundtrack to make an in-game appearance in this game.

Difficulty & Notecounts[1]

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 156/23 330/28 664/54 1038/38 ? -
peace→Present 8 24 36 45 ? -



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