Hitomi is one of the characters of Pop'n Music 3, but was found in the Poppers Lounge in Megumi's conversation.


Hitomi first appears in Megumi's MISS and LOSE animation. As a genuine young lady, Hitomi is social and has a hobby of lacrosse and playing the flute. Due by her fighting with Megumi, she has a crush on Rocky. Hitomi's birth name reveals to be "Saionji Hitomi"


Hitomi appears with blue eyes and a normal skin tone. She has lavender-colored hair that is styled in wavy and curly. On Hitomi's head is a black headband. Hitomi's attire is a blue, long-sleeved dress with a white waist belt attached. She wears a pair of midnight blue flats and ankle-length socks at the end.



  • Hitomi is likely to one of the characters, who did not become a rival character or receive a theme. Lately in Pop'n Music 5, the last four characters, after Akagi Takayuki, are preceded to be like non-rival characters.
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