Hitomi is one of the characters of Pop'n Music 3, but was only found in the Popper's Lounge in Megumi's conversation.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A girl attending junior high school. Full name "Hitomi Saionji"
The daughter of an upper-class family whose father is the headmaster of a large school that goes from Kindergarten to graduate school.
Although she's called the middle school Madonna, her personality is unlike her appearance as she's mild-mannered but feels someone's gaze while talking to her friends...

Hitomi first appears in Megumi's Miss animation. As a genuine young lady, Hitomi is social and enjoys playing lacrosse and the flute. She develops a rivalry with Megumi over a boy they both like.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Hitomi appears with blue eyes and a peach skin tone. She has lavender-colored hair that is styled wavy and curly. On Hitomi's head is a black headband. Hitomi's attire is a blue, long-sleeved dress with a white waist belt attached. She wears a pair of midnight blue flats and white ankle-length socks.

In Megumi's 2P palette, Hitomi gains a new palette as well. In Megumi's 2P, Hitomi has green eyes and a dress with her same hair color.

In Megumi's 3P palette only in Pop'n Music 3, Hitomi has sea foam green hair and indigo eyes with a matching dress, while in her 4P she appears with purple hair and red eyes and a dress.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

While the Hiragana for Hitomi (ひとみ) means pupil, the kanji for her name (人美) means "beautiful person".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hitomi is one of the few characters who did not become a rival character or receive a theme. In Pop'n Music 5, the characters that appear with Akagi Takayuki are also non-rival characters.
  • Hitomi's character page is not viewable in the Pop'n Music 3 character section, and can only be accessed through the Popper's Lounge.

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