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Hipopo & Tamayo are two of the characters from Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.



There are many calls for this young number one comedy duo, whose secret weapon is their unique fighting style.

This little girl seems so grown up when she dances and sings "April Fool's Song", doesn't she?

Character Information[]

Anyway, I guess it's 'coz this song is such super high-tension rock and roll.
Anyway, April first is for fools,
Anyway, there was ever-practical Naoko-chama in a flower field, and
Anyway, summer was about hippos in school swimsuits.
Anyway, I was looking for a constant, rigidly moving image,
Anyway, I was able to find a really great motion here.
Anyway, doing the retouch was super fun.
Anyway, the way these two look at each other is great.

Anyway, spring pollen always gets me all sniffy, and my head gets all stuffy ...




Hipopo is a yellow hippo with blue, goofy eyes and a blue shirt.

Tamayo is a small girl with white, plain eyes and yellow hair, that is formed into skew of red and orange beads. There is a yellow leaf and beads that are formed into odango at the stem. Tamayo wears a pink kimono, as the sleeves are drooped, and a chartreuse waist bow.

In their 2P color palette, Hipopo is pink and has green eyes and a black shirt. On the other hand, Tamayo's skin is extremely white and have regular black eyes. The eyes matches her hair color as the beads are red and pink. Tamayo's kimono is shaded in an orchid color as the green waist bow done it with the same process.

Pop Desco[]

Hipopo gains another attire, that reveals to be a doctor outfit with a light blue color. Next, Tamayo wears a pink dress that is too large for her size.

NET Self[]

Attack Idiot~ (ばか~ Baka ~?)
Defense You came (きたのねん Kita no nen?)
GOOD Play Lun Lun♪ (るんるん♪ Ru nru n ♪?)
BAD Play No good~ (だめ~ Dame~?)
WIN Yay~~~ (やた~~~ Yata~~~?)
LOSE Lie~~ (うっそ ~~ Usso ~~?)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET TOWN Mode[]

Battle (Phase 4)[]

I'm in the middle of my straight man act.
 But why~?(998)
 What for~? (999)
 In the meantime, I'll practice one
 song as a compromise~☆ (1000!)


  • Hipopo & Tamayo share their birthdates with Naoto, April, and Saddle Shoes.
    • Their birthday occurs on April Fool's Day, on which Tamayo makes her appearance.
  • Hipopo & Tamayo's designs from Pop'n Music 14 FEVER! marks F-FLY's last contribution to Pop'n Music.