ヒナ Hina

Hina (20)


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Birthplace Marchen Kingdom's flower garden
Birthdate March 14th
Gender Female
Race Honeybee humanoid
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Orange
Hobby Exploring the castle
Relative(s) Queen Drumstick (mother)
Likes Singing a song
Dislikes Being told to "act like a princess"
First Appearance pop'n music 8
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 20 fantasia

pop'n music éclale

Theme(s) Twee Pop

Magic Pass

Hina is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 8.


メルヘン王国のお花畑を治める女王ばちの赤ちゃん。 あまりのやんちゃさに働きばちは毎日てんてこまいなんだって。
She is the child of Queen Drumstick who's governing the flower garden of the Marchen Kingdom. She's very rebellious and rambunctious, so every day is hectic.

Hina is the daughter of Queen Drumstick, who governs the Marchen Kingdom's flower garden. Despite her mother's loyalty, she is very busy every day.

Character Information

See Hina/Character Information.


Twee Pop

Hina appears to be a humanoid honeybee, with red rosy cheeks, black, oval-shaped eyes, and orange hair. Her attire includes a cap with a pair of antennae, overalls with orange-red colors, red buttons, and a yellow shirt. Last, Hina wears yellow stockings. Hina has a pair of wings that let her fly.

Magic Pass

Hina excels with an entirely new garment, such as an orange top hat with yellow sections and a white fluff object. Hina wears a yellow-orange striped shirt, a white skirt, boots with orange soles and beads, and gloves. She wields a large baton that consists of red stripes, a white bell-shaped objects, and a red bow. Her fantasia appearance is used again in Sweet,Sweet,Sweet. from Pop'n Music éclale.

Other Character Intros

pop'n music 20 fantasia:
お待ちかねメルヘン王国のフラワーパレードがはじまるよ~。 ひなちゃんも大はりきり!じょうずにできるかな?
The flower parade of the Marchen Kingdom is starting. This is a great opportunity for Hina! Can she do it well?


Hina's name can either be translated to "cheeper" or "doll" in Japanese.




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