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Hikaru Miura is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 3.


The 4 dome concert was a huge success!
Now I even get to star in "Yokohama Boys Detective Team", my first movie. "It's a must-watch!"


Hikaru has short brown hair with two small bangs, with a white headband tied around his forehead. His eyes are green, and underneath his left one he has a small red star. He wears a white open jacket with yellow pockets, white and red roller skates, and dark blue pants with a red sash tied around his waist.

Other Character Comments[]

Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden:

NET Self[]

Attack All out☆ (シャカリキ☆ Shakariki ☆?)
Damage I'm sorry already (もうごめんさ Mou gomen sa?)
GOOD Play Give up your love ☆ (愛を投げて☆ Ai wo nagete ☆?)
BAD Play *sigh* Ah ★ (吐息がAh★ Toiki ga Ah ★?)
WIN 100% courage (勇気100% Yuuki 100-percent?)
LOSE Pale blue ★ (淡いブルー★ Awai buruu ★?)


  • Hikaru shares his birthdate with Akkun.
  • Although Hikaru's full name is displayed in Japanese, his name banner only shows his first.
  • Hikaru's arcade debut in Sengoku Retsuden gives him a new portrait, new Win animation, and he appears as the rival character for the new song 情熱 fun! fun! instead of his debut song, 君を抱きしめたい!.
    • Hikaru also has no 2P palette in the arcade games.