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This article focuses on the Pop'n Music 4 character, Henry. If you are looking for the ee'MALL 2nd avenue song, see Henry Henry.

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ヘンリー Henrii
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Birthplace White Land
Birthdate September 15th
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Gray
Hobby Playing
Relative(s) Unnamed mom and dad, Dino (friend)
Likes Dad and mom. Beautiful things, sweets
Dislikes Homesick
First Appearance pop'n music 4
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 11
Theme(s) Cartoon


Designer(s) いぬ千代 (pop'n 4)

ち仔リー (pop'n 11)

Henry is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 4.


The prince of White Land. With his lion cymbals, he is on a great adventure seeking fun things all over the world! But he often becomes lonely, so he immediately returns to his castle.



Henry looks like a small prince with short, gray hair and blue eyes. His signature attire thuds a moderately royal and fancier scheme, like a basic, yellow crown, a red cape, blue bloomers (or "pumpkin pants"), white stockings, and navy shoes. Underneath is his cyan shirt and brown gloves.


Henry gains a new and less fancier attire: this includes a cerulean top with a red tie, white pants, blue shoes, and a matching patriot hat that prints a red shape. Henry carries a telescope on his right hand.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 11:
The prince is saying goodbye to his pumpkin pants? It's time to go on a big adventure, so everyone come along!
....But he becomes lonely, and he wants to return to the castle immediately.

NET Self

Attack Go! (いけー Ikee?)
Damage Ouch! (いたっ! Itaa!?)
GOOD Play Hee-hee! (えっへん! Eehen!?)
BAD Play No~ (ちがう~ Chigau~?)
WIN I spare~ (よゆう~ Yoyuu~?)
LOSE Sigh (ちぇ~ Che~?)





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