?, known by fans as Hatena, is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


Is this a form present in the world? From the joy of light? From the sadness of the dark???
Everything is in it and the small events of past meetings.

Hatena is MZD's shadow.

Character Information

It began with the demo song that May that had mixed opinions...
Even when you think you've understood everything,
This is where all of the boss characters originate from.
Emotions that have been present throughout the years pierce through its body
Of water
Of earth
Of fire
From the joy of light
From the sadness of the dark
In this magnificent world, overnight, a shape was formed.
The purpose of its existence was to begin a trip to seek and meet people all over this new world.
It had met MZD in a past encounter - for a small time, he took care of the form.

Take a careful look; it's the size of your palm.



Hatena looks like a navy blue-colored silhouette, and possesses horns, cleat wrists, a piece of hair, and elf-shaped ears in main occasions. They also wield a trident sometimes in animations. They are colored black sometimes in MZD's 2P palettes.

In Niente, Hatena takes a different shape of simply a lean, black figure. Their 2P palette colors them white.

NET Self

Attack (Look) ((みえる) (Mieru)?)
Damage (Don't look) ((みえない) (Mienai)?)
GOOD Play (I listened) ((きこえた) (Kikoeta)?)
BAD Play (It bloomed) ((さいた) (Saita)?)
WIN (It was born) ((うまれた) (Umareta)?)
LOSE (…?…)

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume profile:


This place is still the garden of God.


  • Hatena's birthdate is identical to Hiumi's.
  • Micro makes a cameo in Hatena's Great animation, which is replaced by Madam Ragora in the 2P version.
    • Roco Moco makes a cameo in Hatena's FEVER! animation. Their 2P FEVER! animation, however, replaces Roco Moco by Fili.
    • MZD makes a cameo in Hatena's FEVER! Win animation.
    • Hoshi no Hito makes a cameo on Hatena's MISS, LOSE, and DANCE animations. He appeared again in Chaos:Q MISS animaton.
    • Titicaca appears on Hatena's Ojama animation
    • Zusin appears in Hatena's DANCE animation, while Super Mogu replaces Titicaca in the 2P DANCE animation.





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