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Mike Hanemann, who is titled by his surname "Hanemann", is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE. He originates from a Konami shooter, Wartran Troopers.


「WARTRAN TROOPERS」があのポップンに!?という魅力的なお話を受けた時は正直小躍りしました。どのキャラにしようかな?2D?3D?とか色々悩んだ末に、、、あえてのハーネマンを投下させていただきました。馴染んでますか?浮いてますか?まあ世の中には色んな人がいるよねって事で、何卒ごひいきに!
そして本家「WARTRAN TROOPERS」もよろしくです!まだ貴方の街のゲーセンにあったなら!
The dangerous looking, but sweet natured Drill Instructor type of guy.
Pop'n music fan Shimada designs this unique looking character.
He looks kinda familiar looking huh? This character is from the Konami shooter Wartran Troopers. His name is Hanemann, and he is in 3D not 2D. We were dancing for joy when Shimada designed him. He might look average looking, but don't patronize him.
Please check out Wartran Troopers in an arcade in your city!

Hanemann is an American Police Officer, who also has a side job as a member of the "Wartran Troopers", a group of American cops who work as secret agent SWAT team members; Based on the Konami arcade shooting game Wartran Troopers.

Hanemann appears to be the leader and lieutenant of the group.

Hanemann has a strong military background, presumably being in the United States Army.


He has a shaved head, bulletproof vest, and army-related weapons, such as knives, guns and rifles in his dispensary.

His 2P design as far as his body is concerned is very identical except the colours of his vest and pants change from blue to green.


  • Hanemann shares his birthdate with Annie and Hikari Nijino.
  • Hanemann along with Mr. Aoki, are characters who are known to be in the Military/Police Force/Security Guards. 
  • Hanemann is one of the few Pop'n characters that was drawn in 3D polygon animation. 
  • Hanemann is one of the few Pop'n Music characters, that was crossovered from previous media franchises. In his case, it is a fellow Konami third person rail shooter arcade exclusive game, Wartran Troopers.
  • Although Hanemann first appeared in another video game, he along with the other members of the Wartran Troopers were unnamed. 
  • Hanemann is one of the few Pop'n Music characters designed by someone who is not regular pop'n staff member or designer.  
  • Members of the "Wartran Troopers" make a cameo in his WIN animation.