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Hanao is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.


She already came all the way from New York. Hanao-san
 Grandma talking about Tokyo. Fantastic!

Hanao is an American schoolteacher who is racially Japanese. She likes to visit Tokyo sometimes.

Character Information[]

With the image of "Tokyo, the flower section", there is an origin request,
I finished this over-the-top character.
Now Tokyo is isthe Glass section rather than the flower section,
but at that time, I think the wind of romance is lovely.

The animation joke's point is a gag, but thinking
about the Tokyo station red brick atmosphere, I worked diligently and comparatively.
By the way, the way of thinking about a man and boots are plenty,
but at that time, Hanao-san's leather shoes that look like zori were really popular.



Hanao has regular long, brown hair, decorated in a turquoise small veil, and matching eyes. She sports a traditional Japanese attire with a yellow shirt, an orange obi, a turquoise, long skirt, and matching, orange sandals. Hanao carries a beige, fancy umbrella on her right hand.

Hanao's 2P palette gives her dark cerulean hair and eyes, an orange veil and shirt, a yellow obi, a dark blue skirt, and pale dark, lilac geta, as well as a light pink umbrella.

NET Self[]

Attack Ah, there! (あ、そ~れ A, soore?)
Damage Nooo! (いや~ん Iyaaan?)
GOOD Play Eheheh! (エヘヘッ Ehehee?)
BAD Play So frustrating! (くやし~い Kuyashii?)
WIN Smile (にっこり Nikkori?)
LOSE Huh? (あらら Arara?)