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Hamanov is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music.


Master of the classic world known for perfectionism.
Though he appears scary, the truth is he's surprisingly mischievous.

Hamanov's career is to perform an orchestra in Russia while traveling to many countries, making a lot of classical fans want to buy his songs. Hamanov served as the representing character for all of the songs in the Classic series and made steady appearances in every game, up until his latest appearance in Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL CS.


Hamanov resembles a large bird with dark yellow skin and white hair in puffs on each side of his head. He dons an orchestra director's suit with a red bow and reddish brown shoes. He also wears what appear to be sunglasses.

NET Self

Attack (余裕じゃの?)
Damage (ハイパー?)
GOOD Play (ランラン♪?)
BAD Play (チッチッチ?)
WIN (余裕じゃの?)
LOSE (ひよっこめ*?)

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 5:
He came off from his looong vacation after a long time.
He is very satisfied when he spends time with his granddaughter Anya.
Did he polish his baton for judgement?

Pop'n Music 6:
Master of the classic world known for perfectionism. After his long vacation ended, he still tours the countries in the world. After a long time of a local tour, he even changed the colors of his stage to his granddaughter Anya's favorite color.

Pop'n Music 10:


The world-famous conductor, Hamanov. He went to pitch in and help at the Pop'n Party as requested by the god. The rabbit Pretty who came to play together is also delighted!


  • Hamanov's hobby varies from game to game.