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Reimu Hakurei is a main character from the Touhou Project video game series, making her appearance in Pop'n Music Lapistoria, where she wields a red, jewel shaped lapis.


Reimu is the shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine in Gensokyo who is fairly straightforward, optimistic and seems to be dealing with exterminating Yo-kai. She's easily frustrated, but is still ultimately kind and quick to help others in need.

More info on Reimu can be read here.


Reimu has brown eyes and short brown hair, with two longer parts on each side of her face decorated. Her hair is decorated with a large red bow. Reimu wears stylized shrine maiden attire, consisting of a short red top with a while collar and yellow tie, and a red skirt with white frills. Her sleeves are long and white, and are detached from her shirt. Her shoes are plain brown with white socks.

NET Self

Attack Dream seal! (夢想封印! Musō fūin!?)
Damage What is it? (何かしら Nanikashira?)
GOOD Play It feels so nice (いい感じだわ Ī kanji dawa?)
BAD Play ...Huh? (…あれ? ...Are??)
WIN It looks like I won! (私の勝ちね! Watashi no kachi ne!?)
LOSE No chance (ありえないわ Arienai wa?)


  • Reimu has no 2P palette.
    • She also has no set birthday, with the date appearing only as a "-" in game.
  • Marisa, along with Remilia and Alice appear in Reimu's FEVER! Win.