ジョルジュ&エバ Joruju & Eba





Birthplace Near Cygnus
Gender Male (Gyorgy)

Female (Eva)

Race Alien
Eye Color Hidden (Gyorgy)

Black (Eva)

Hair Color Brown (Gyorgy)

Blonde (Eva)

Hobby Space walking (in the flesh) (Gyorgy)

Making crop circles (by herself) (Eva)

Likes Bath time in a hot 38° tub (Gyorgy)

Frozen capsule (Eva)

Dislikes Having things in common, being in warp zones and black holes
First Appearance pop'n music 6 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 7 CS
Theme(s) Dramatic, Rondo

Gyorgy & Eva are characters of the CS version of Pop'n Music 6.



The small-eyed Gyorgy and long-armed Eva, two major stars of a theater troupe who travel from star to star on the Roll Carolina spacecraft. Their stages are always wrapped in storms of excitement! But somehow they're leaving before they become famous. Wonder what their secret is?



In their first appearance, Gyorgy & Eva appear as two small, humanoid aliens. Gyorgy has brown parted hair and lavender colored skin, with two teal horn-like protrusions from each side of his head and shut eyes. He wears a black suit top with a white tie over beige bottoms with teal buttons. Eva is slightly smaller, with pale yellow skin, large blank eyes, and a teal antenna coming from her head. Her hair is short and blonde and styled with a large red bow. She wears a light purple dress and red waistband over a periwinkle fitted suit, leaving her hands open.

In their 2P colors, Gyorgy's skin take's on the hue of Eva's while his horns become dark magenta and his bottoms light blue with purple buttons. Eva's skin is changed to blue, while her hair becomes a dark purple with a large blue bow, and her antenna is now red. Her dress is pale yellow and her waistband is blue, while her fitted suit shifts to light purple.


Gyorgy & Eva take up a fancier appearance. Gyorgy now wears an all black suit with beige button shirt and shoes. His bow and cape are of a deep red color. Eva's hair is now longer and tied up to the left in a red tie. She wears a long red dress with several slits and matching long gloves.

For their 2P palette, Gyorgy's skin once again become pale yellow, and he is given blond hair. His suit is now white, worn with a blue shirt and shoes. The inside of his cape is black, while his bow and horns are deep magenta. Eva's skin is turned sea green and her hair ginger, while all the red parts of her clothing become white. Her fitted suit is light purple, while her antenna and waistband are magenta.

Additional Profiles

Pop'n Music 7 CS

地球もそろそろ離れ時なんだけど ロール・キャロライナ号が壊れちゃったんだって。 修理の資金が貯まるまで地球で公演続けるみたいだよ。

They were about to leave Earth, but then the Roll Carolina broke down. It seems that they must continue preforming on Earth until they can accumulate repair funds.


  • Gyorgy & Eva have never appeared in the arcade games, being exclusive to the home releases.



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