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Guwanzesama is one of the characters from Pop'n Music portable 2.


いのちはね ぼくにも きみにも ともだちのねずみにも あるんだよ
しってた? ねえ しってたあ?
Life is, to me, to you, to the rat friends, that is it
Did you know? Hey, did you know?


Guwanzesama has wide eyes, dark circles, pale grayish skin and messy black hair tied back with paper streamers, with the underside of his hair being colored maroon. He is only wearing a short white dress tied together with a red sash. He is often seen sucking his thumb.

His 2P changes his skin tone to a pale purple color, and his outfit and steamers are dark gray. The red cloth of his attire are light cyan, and the underside of his hair is colored bright red.

NET Self[]

Attack (giggling) (ぴきゃああっ Pikiyaaaa?)
Damage That hurts (いたいのやあ Itai no yaa?)
GOOD Play Hehe... (ひひ… Hihi...?)
BAD Play *squeaks* (ちゅう… Chuu...?)
WIN Mwahahahaa (んふふふう Nfufufuu?)
LOSE Already leaving (もうかえるう Mou kaeruu?)


Guwanzesama's name is derived from a Japanese word that can mean "innocent" (頑是無い ganzenai?) or "separated from everyone." It implies the person is still young and doesn't know anything.


  • Guwanzesama's birthdate is identical to Sylvester's, SigSig's, and Smooooch's.
  • Guwanzesama can be battled in Party Mode by getting the God's altar from atop the treasure pile's shrine after talking to Yamabuki. After defeating him, he'll give you the Green Pop'n Doll.