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Gumi is a character from the singing synthesizer program Vocaloid, making a cameo appearance in Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


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Gumi has wavy, medium length green hair and dark teal eyes. She appears wearing her debut attire, consisting of an orange top with a light yellow collar, a teal button, and another detached white collar around her neck. Her skirt is similarly orange, with two frilled layers colored light yellow and white. Her boots are white with teal folds, and she also has white cuffs on her wrists and a pink band around her left thigh. Lastly, she has a gray headset that's connected to pink tinted goggles on her head.

In her FEVER! Win, Gumi switches into her V3 Whisper attire, with her headset becoming white and pink and her hair fuller. She wears a short orange jacket with a collar and white cuffs, a green crop top, and a white ruffled tie with a pink gem. She also wears a green pleated skirt held with suspenders and orange boots.


Gumi is named after her voice provider, Megumi Nakajima.


  • Gumi is not playable in any of the Pop'n Music games, appearing only as a rival character.
    • If Gumi is played as, she has both a select icon and a character portrait. She has no set birthdate however, with it appearing as "00月00日".
  • As a rival character, Gumi performs her Great animation instead of her FEVER! animation during Highlight Zones.
  • Gumi's Win pose is a reference to her original box art.
  • Gumi has two extra unused select icons, both showing her full hair and one winking.