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Goemon is the main character of the Goemon series, making a cameo appearance in Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.


It is patronage of patronage!
The world's gentleman thief, Goemon-sama appears in this chapter!


Goemon has black eyes and wears red kabuki makeup. His hair has two parts; the spiky blue topping with black back & sides. He sports his iconic red-yellow costume with fishnet coverings all around accompanied with yellow geta (Japanese sandals) with blue straps. Goemon wields his trusty kiseru (Pipe) in his left hand.


  • Goemon shares his birthdate with Wild, Tsubaki, Fuka A, and Fuka B.
  • His Good and Great animations make reference to the first Ganbare Goemon game for NES/Famicom, as his default moves like Jump and Attack.
  • His partner Ebisumaru makes a cameo in his FEVER Win animation, flying with a jetpack.
  • His FEVER Win position, is a pose used in Kabuki Drama, making a reference to some of stories, as Goemon protagonist of them.
  • In his Lose animation, he's getting the Goemon Buro bath punishment, as the real Goemon from the legend died.


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