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Giziri, originally spelt as Gijiri, is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden, and one of the primary characters from the Zektbach franchise.


The black snake cuts off the Imawashiki Genealogy, and reigns the back world of Aria Te'Laria. He is a person with the presence of invariance.[1]

See Giziri's history here.


Giziri resembles a shaded, pale-skinned figure with bloody red eyes. He has short, dark hair with a black bandanna covering his right eye, a jewel on one of his bangs, and a white addition on top. His costume resembles from an ancient era, such as a red, sleeveless robe with a yellow-purple obi, two purple-yellow strings, a fur decoration on his back and neck, black sleeves, and pants with white circles on the bottom. Giziri sports purple ankle cuffs and dirty brown shoes with red heel patches. He frequently wields a katana that is surrounded in a violet-hue flame.

NET Self

Attack Fair (滅せ Messe?)
Damage Gone...Wind return (ぬ…返り風か Nu...kaeri fuu ka?)
GOOD Play Kuku...I'm enjoying (クク…愉悦 Kuku...yuetsu?)
BAD Play Expression spake (式ふせたか Shiki fuseta ka?)
WIN Sure it was stupid (愚は滅すのみ Gu wa messu nomi?)
LOSE Come in enjoy... (是で楽に… Kore de raku ni...?)


  • Giziri's birthdate was originated from Zektbach's drama CD release, Masinowa.
    • Giziri's birthdate is classified as unknown, though it is revealed.
    • Giziri, along with Sigma and A Milia, are the only Zektbach characters who don't have full names.






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