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Gerhard is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He wields a red, diamond-shaped lapis.


A single serving of capricious fluffiness. Sweets of the human world are the best~
...Wow! I also found some on that guy!!

Gerhard is a demon from Hell who enjoys making mischief. He loves craving for sweets and often travels outside in search for more in the human world, only to be dragged back later.


Gerhard is a small demon boy with stormy lavender hair and salmon red eyes. He has mahogany-colored demon wings and a tail with small horns on his head, and dons a black, sleeveless top with a hood. He then dons black shorts worn over red leggings and boots that match his shorts and a belt with a yellow circle that also matches his clothing highlights. His FEVER! Win animation gives his larger horns, a full navy blue suit with yellow thin accents and a cape.

Gerhard's 2P colors give him teal eyes, and the red parts of his outfit, including his wings and tail, are also teal. His hair shifts into a very light blond and he's given a darker skin tone. The black colors of his outfit remain the same.


Gerhard's new attire in the Lapistoria Card Collection shows that he wears fancy clothing. It consists of a mahogany cape, a black vampire-like costume with white sleeves, several white frills around the neck, and a dark red tie with a round, yellow ornament. Though this is a new attire, he seems physically upset and is disliking it a lot.

NET Self[]

Attack Summon!! (召還!! Shoukan!!?)
Damage Stop it okay? (やめてよぉ Yamete yo?)
GOOD Play Oh wow~ (うわぁ~い Uwaa~i?)
BAD Play Little devil (小悪魔 Shou akuma?)
WIN Snacks (おやつ Oyatsu?)
LOSE Ow ow ow! (イテテテ! Itetete!?)


  • Gerhard shares his birthdate with Hannes, Sattan and Telly66.
  • The design of Gerhard marks Penu's first appearance in the Pop'n Music series. She's one of the lead team designers of SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH.
  • Wilhelm makes a cameo in Gerhard's LOSE animation.
    • Judging from the animation, Gerhard may be another one of Wilhelm's subordinates.
  • Gerhard shares the red diamond lapis with Michiru.