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Genroku needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Genroku is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 10.



A rookie member of the cheering club that has joined this year.

He's surrounded by senior cheering club members and every day is sending overflowing youth and blueness.


Genroku is an anthropomorphic green pea plant, having dark green skin, yellow eyes and a pea pod ending appearing to be chartreuse hair styled in a large pompadour. He dons a uniform similar to the uniforms worn by Waseda University, having a white hachimaki, a black happi, white shoes and an armband emblazoned with a pink heart. Genroku also wields a red guitar with a blue strap.

NET Self

Attack Begin cheering! (応援始め! Ōen hajime!?)
Damage Beans are flying~! (豆が飛ぶ~! Mame ga tobu~!?)
GOOD Play Faio~! (ファイオッ! Faioo!?)
BAD Play Gachon (がちょーん Gachon?)
WIN Yo! (オイッス! Oissu!?)
LOSE Nevermind! (ドンマイ! Donmai!?)


  • Genroku's species, a green pea plant, is derived from the name of the artist for 青春応援歌, "Green Peas Young."
  • Genroku's NET Taisen quote "gachon" is one of the nonsense one-word gags uttered from Kei Tani, a Japanese comedian, that became a buzzword.
  • Genroku shares his birthday with Teruo and Oni-Be.





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