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Fuwawa is two of the characters from Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL.


 These important sentiments, packed in seeds and then spread as flowers on the ground.

Character Information[]

The fairies are flying in the sky, holding their hands for the two, the leaf and the flower are together, Fuwawa. In comparision to the fairies' illustration, I have a certain mood that they became much cuter characters to look and to move.

Listening to the tune to see the lyrics, I've created while claming down. With a really pretty harmony, they fall ...to arrive...Whoops.

Falling with the action for using BAD prevents it, but they have sad faces to look nearly.



Fuwawa are a couple of flower fairies who have dark brown eyes and plant stems on their heads: the one on the left has three leaves on its head and wears a chartreuse frock, while the one on the right has a white flower on its hair and wears a cerulean frock. Their original palette is recycled in FLOWER FLOWER WORLD in Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume.

Their 2P color palettes are different; the leafy one has on a magenta frock and the flowery one has a yellow flower with an orange frock and center.

NET Self[]

Attack Pyuririi (ぴゅりりー Pyuririi?)
Damage Pikyaa (ぴきゃー Pikyaa?)
GOOD Play Pyuii (ぴゅいー Pyuii?)
BAD Play Unyuu (うにゅー Unyuu?)
WIN Uiin (うぃーん Uiin?)
LOSE Kyuu (きゅう Kyuu?)


TOWN Mode (Pop'n Music Tune Street)[]

Conversation Only [Phase 4][]

 ふわわ~ん。○ ふわわわ~
。Fuwa~ Fuwafuwa~
 Fuwawaa~n。○ Fuwawawa~


  • Fuwawa's birthday is identical to Dosue's.