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Furlong is a character of Pop'n Music 9 CS.



The horse, who is always against the wall in the back of an adult vibe bar.
But everyone in the bar knows him, like he doesn't know all the details.
Always listening to the radio with a newspaper in one hand, I guess listening to the kind of music.


Furlong is a white horse with a blue mane. He wears a leather jacket, dark pants and shoes.


  • A furlong is a measure of distance, roughly 0.2km (or 1/8 a mile). Furlongs are very commonly used in horse racing for distance measuring.
  • According to CG designer Imomushi, Furlong's FEVER! animation was originally to be a horse racing scene, but was abandoned due to size restraints.
    • Furlong was also at one point going to be a lion instead of a horse.
      • Sketches of both preliminary ideas above can be seen in the pop'n music 9 CS website under Furlong's character page here.


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