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Fuki are CS characters from Pop'n Music 7. Going from left to right, the girls' individual names are Yuki, Sora, and Tsuki. [1]


かるいざわの林の奥の小さなみずうみのほとりでひっそりと自生しているの。 遠いどこかにわたしたちにそっくりな子達がいるって風のうわさできいたんだ。 ちょっといろが違うんだって、おともだちになれるかな?
They grow inconspicuously around a small lake deep within a forest in Karuizawa. A rumor was heard in the wind that somewhere far away, there exist children that look just like us. Their complexions are a bit different from ours, but could it be possible to make friends with them?


Fuki are female triplets with light skin and bare feet. They all have yellow-green hair and dark green eyes and wear knee-length frocks with long, white gloves. Sora has straight hair with a white ombré. On her head is a white hat with a red ribbon topped with a red four-petaled flower. Yuki has wavy pigtails and a lei with red flowers and dark green leaves. Tsuki is exactly identical to Yuki, but she wears a vine lei with red berries.

NET Self[]

Attack It reaches to you (君にとどけ Kimi ni todoke?)
Defense *tremble tremble* (ふるふる Furufuru?)
GOOD Play *swoosh swoosh* (そよそよ Soyosoyo?)
BAD Play *bending* (しなしな Shinashina?)
WIN I'm happy (うれしいな Ureshii na?)
LOSE See you next year (また来年 Mata rainen?)


TOWN Mode (Pop'n Music Tune Street)[]

Conversation Only [Phase 4][]

*Swoosh swoosh*
 We're glad to see you...
 Do you want to sleep together?


Given the plant theme of these characters, "Fuki" (ふき?) likely refers to the Japanese term for the Petasites Japonicus (commonly known as the Giant Butterbur or Sweet Coltsfoot), a flowering plant native to Asia. "Fuki" could also refer to the blowing of the wind (吹き).

"Yuki" (?) means "snow", "Sora" (?) means "sky", and "Tsuki" (?) means "moon".


  • Fuki are one of the multi-man groups of the entire Pop'n Music series.
  • Fuki share their birthdate Zoozo and Ni no Maru.
    • Their birthdate must be part of their title: "Fu" is "futatsu" (2), and "ki" is "ki no tou" (literally, the tenth tree).