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Funawo Fukagawa is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.

Personality[edit | edit source]



Splash, splash, splash! Slippery!

Tonight is another night of★visual glamour!

The electric current that surges through me feels so good!

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Fukugawa is a geek-looking koi. He has red lips with 3 pierces, and a tatoo on his eye. His skin is white. He wears a yellow shaw and his fin is yellow and a belt and rocker shoes and rocker rings on his hands. He holds a yellow koto.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Fukugawa's name orginates from Fukagawa, the place he lives.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fukagawa shares a Birthday with Sapphire.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Animations[edit | edit source]

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