Forgel Wanda is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 11.


The father hiker representative, Forgel Wanda calling on!
To say there is a mountain there, what do I do rather than to climb!? Yahoooooo!!


Forgel Wanda appears to be a middle-aged man with black eyes, brown beard, and brown hair that is covered with a green beanie. His garments represent his hiking activities, with a yellow coat with an orange zipper, platinum pants, and gray boots. Wanda carries a teal-colored backpack on his rear side.

In his 2P color palette, Wanda's beanie is orange, and his entire clothing changed to blue, such as his turquoise jacket with a blue zipper and pale dark turquoise boots. His backpack and shoes remain their colors, though. His 2P color palette is chosen in Artcore, from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.

NET Self

Attack Hut hut (ゆけーゆけー Yukee yukee?)
Damage Gwah!! (ぐわっ!! Guwaa!!?)
GOOD Play Hey! (ヘイ! Hei!?)
BAD Play Ugh! (むっ! Muu!?)
WIN Shining☆ (キラーン☆ Kiraan☆?)
LOSE (heavy exhaling) (ぜぇ~はぁ Zeebaa?)


  • Forgel Wanda shares his birthdate with Getsufuma.



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