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Flora is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


みんなの笑顔がいっぱいのSunny Parkにうまれた、幸せを運ぶクローバーみたいな女の子
Born in the Sunny Park full of everyone's smiles, the clover-like girl carries happiness.

Flora is portrayed as the spiritual being of Spring, who is the light counterpart of Flamme. Happy, positive and full of cheer, she is friends with everyone and loves animals, especially the ones she sees in in the park.



Flora is introduced to be identical to Flamme, but she is a joyful little girl with yellow eyes and chartreuse-colored hair that is styled in two lower ondangos. She is wearing a garland with white cotton balls and colorful, pink stems and a sleeveless frock with yellow and orange highlights on the bottom and green wristbands.


Flora receives a change card in the Lapistoria card collection. She is presented wearing a garland made of colorful flowers with pink, green, and white stems, and her buns are instead styled into two looped braids. Her top is short and white with yellow frills around the shoulders, and she has white and pink bloomers with purple flowers decorating each side, red and white bracelets, and green stems tied around her thighs.

NET Self

Attack The ring of life! (生命の環を! Seimei no wa wo!?)
Damage Uff...! (くぅっ…! Kuu...!?)
GOOD Play Gently (ふわりん Fuwarin?)
BAD Play That's a bad one (ひとりはいや Hitori wa iya?)
WIN I am glad (うれしいな Ureshiina?)
LOSE Goodbye (さよなら Sayonara?)


Flora is the Latin term for "flower".


  • If the player chooses Flora, 生命の環を紡いで's rival character will be Flamme (character of 生命の焔纏いて) instead.
  • Several characters, including Judy, You, Minit's, Ciel, Flow Flow, Whip, Rie, Nyami, Poet and Copel, make cameos in Flora's FEVER animation.
  • Shion makes a cameo on Flora's Lose animation.
  • Flora, along with her counterpart Flamme, are one of the pairs of several Pop'n Music characters to not have 2P color palettes.
    • However, in the Pop'n Music data, Flamme is considered her 2P.
  • Flora's birthdate is identical to Yodo-Dozen's, Flamme's, Kasuga Sakiko's, and Raizou's.
    • Flamme and Flora's birthdates represent the seasonal thaw.