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Flamme banner
フレーム Furēmu
Flamme Icon
Birthplace TBA
Birthdate February 4th
Gender Female
Race Spirit
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
Hobby Thaw season
Relative(s) Flora (counterpart)
Likes TBA
Dislikes TBA
First Appearance Pop'n Music Sunny Park
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) Imbolc
Designer(s) ちっひ

Flamme is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


A small flame that was born before the lighting and the dark, cloudy sky, eventually flickering and dancing.

Known for her rare smile and negative attitude, Flamme is a cold-hearted fire spirit. She is the dark counterpart - and polar opposite- of Flora, who has positivity, cheeriness and happiness.


Flamme is introduced to be identical to Flora, but she is shown with red eyes and brown hair that was styled in two lower ondangos. On her head is a luau with yellow sphere ornaments, and red stems. Flamme wears a red frock with maroon-colored highlights on the bottom, and black wristbands.

NET Self

Neutral (生命の焔よ… Seimei no homura yo...?, The flame of life...)
Damage Uff...! (くぅ…っ! Kuu...?)
GOOD Play Burning rises... (燃え上がれ Moeagare...?)
BAD Play It does not matter (かまわない Kamawanai?)
WIN It's noisy (騒がしいわね Sawagashii wa ne?)
LOSE This is good... (これでいい… Kore de ii...?)


Flamme comes from the Latin term "flame" or "fire".


  • If the player chooses Flamme as his/her character, 生命の焔纏いて's rival character will be Flora (character of 生命の環を紡いで) instead.
  • Several pop'n music characters, including Black, Shoko, One, Arisa, Koumori Otoko and Eririn, make cameos on Flamme's FEVER animation.
  • Shion (2P) makes a cameo on Flamme's LOSE animation.
  • Flamme, along with Flora, are one of the pairs of characters to not have 2P color palettes.
  • Flamme's birthdate is identical to Yodo Dozen's, Flora's, Kasuga Sakiko's, and Raizou's.
    • Flamme and Flora's birthdates represent the seasonal thaw.



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