Song Connections/Remixes

  • A different version of Evans, titled Evans -prototype-, is used for its NORMAL and HYPER charts in beatmania IIDX, and its Battle charts in pop'n music. This version has simplified melodies and may be a pre-production version of the song. It is available on the jubeat ripples APPEND SOUNDTRACK album.
  • A remix of Evans by cosMo@暴走P, titled Evans VolteX Pf arrange, appears in SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH.
  • In pop'n music, Evans is part of the HARD RENAISSANCE series of songs. The other songs in the series are:
    • HARD RENAISSANCE, Elemental Creation, which appears in pop'n music Sunny Park.
    • HARD RENAISSANCE 3, JOMANDA, which also appears in the same game.
    • Despite being produced before Elemental Creation, Evans is classified as HARD RENAISSANCE 2 because Elemental Creation was added first to pop'n music.
  • A rock remix of Evans by TLION69, titled Evans -TLION69 Remix-, can be found in GITADORA.


  • Evans is one of 4 jubeat Crossovers for beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS as part of the jubeat ripples APPEND event. Evans is accessed on the e-AMUSEMENT network by having played bass 2 bass, IN THE NAME OF LOVE, Special One, and AIR RAID FROM THA UNDAGROUND on beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS.
  • As of jubeat saucer, Evans, along with GIGA BREAK, are the only two EXTREME charts from the original jubeat to remain rated at Level 10.
  • Evans is DJ YOSHITAKA's first song for the jubeat series.
  • Evans is one of the songs part of the Mimi Nyami & Kotaro no Flying Catch! (ミミニャミ・コタローのフライングキャッチ!) event. It can be unlocked in pop'n music Sunny Park since June 3rd, 2013.
  • As of 11/01/2013, Evans is the only original composition for jubeat to never be removed at any point in the series.
  • Evans was added to REFLEC BEAT colette -All Seasons- on January 31st, 2014, as part of the Nettou! BEMANI Stadium (熱闘!BEMANIスタジアム) event.

Music Comment

The feast of the static and dynamic reminiscents the great sea. The Hard Renaissance's melancholic lineal is an explosion!

Difficulty & Notecounts

pop'n music

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 200 463 974 1339 325 469
Pop'n Music Sunny Park 12 28 40 47 17 24
Lapistoria→Present 12 28 40 ↑48 17 24

pop'n rhythmin

Game Difficulties
Notecounts 205 322 544
pop'n rhythmin 4 6 9






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