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Eririn is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


I want to be an idol...
Embracing dreams from a different world, a new fairy legend is born!

Eririn is a fairy from Fairyland, who enjoys watching idols broadcasts and loves eating ice cream, hoping to become a true idol someday.


Eririn is a fairy who possesses the traits of pointed ears and a pair of white wings. She has violet eyes and long, light pink hair, decorated with a white feather on the left side of her hair. She wears a dress that lists a lilac top, a yellow ribbon belt, white and magenta sections, dark magenta gloves and lilac boots.

Eririn's 2P has pale, dark brown skin, light blue hair, yellow eyes and wears a light yellow top with a dark blue collar, matching her ribbon belt, feather and boots. She also has white gloves to match her earrings and pale blue layered skirt, matching her wings.

NET Self

Attack Luv Revo! (ラブレボ~! Raburebo!?)
Damage Ouch (ひゃあっ Hyaa?)
GOOD Play Advancing (いざ進めっ Izasusume?)
BAD Play This time (今度こそっ Kondokoso?)
Win It's a secret (ヒミツだよ Himitsu dayo?)
Lose Awww (はうぅぅ~ Hauuu?)



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