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Emilio is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.


The private detective posing as a dandy, Emilio. Occasionally he'll slip up on his courtesy.
With his favorite big apple in his hand, he's tracking someone down today.

Emilio is a private detective tracking down a thief. Despite the seriousness of his job, he's rather flirtatious and loves trying to impress women.

Character Information[]

Greetings, I'm NAGI.
And I was allowed to help this time ♪

This is Emilio, a character that popped in my head immediately while listening to the song.
The animations as well as the character creation were settled effortlessly on my part, and is one of the few honor students.
He shall be an Italian adonis!! Oh, I remember being excited while I was creating him.

Ladies first comes naturally with his perfect manners.
Although he's a friendly philanthropist to everyone, once he starts doing stunts at the camera, he's a detestable dude.
Since he carries a rather flirtatious air, Emilio is unaware that the woman around the corner is a wanted criminal.
On top of the car, there's a cafe worker... hey!! That shouldn't be there!!
He's kind of a ditz.

...By the way, a female thief appears in the animations... does she look familiar to anyone??
That's right, she's dearly remembered.



Mechanical Jazz[]

Emilio appears with an ash blond pompadour and light blue eyes. He wears a blue striped vest over a white dress shirt and a long red scarf, as well as black pants and white shoes with thick black soles.

Emilio's 2P palette gives him medium brown hair and bright green eyes, and his vest is red and white striped over a light blue shirt. His scarf becomes yellow while his shoes are now brown.

NET Self[]

Attack Shall we go? (行くぜ? Ikuze??)
Damage Oh wow! (うわっとぉ! Uwatto~o!?)
GOOD Play Nice, huh? (良いねぇ Yoi nē?)
BAD Play Oopsie... (おっとと… Ottoto…?)
WIN Wrong, is it not? (悪いね Warui ne?)
LOSE Pretty strong (ははっ強いな Wa hattsuyoi na?)

Other Character Comments[]

Town Mode (Battle)[]

You want to compete with me?
Come again?
Hahaa~ how amusing.
Of course I'll accept your challenge~

Pop'n Music 20 fantasia normal card[]

A dandy who really likes girls.
It might look like he just goofs off, but he's actually a detective.
He's tracking down a mysterious female thief today to boot!


  • Emilio shares his birthdate with Taoxiang, Melissa and Murasaki.
  • Portrayed to be a criminal, Chamel makes cameo appearances in Emilio's FEVER!, Lose, Win, and FEVER! WIN animations.
  • Emilio's hobby nanpa is a type of flirting among teenagers and young adults in Japan that involves waiting around public places for women searching for dates.
  • Apple Butter's title is derived from a 1950's term for a smooth-talker, and was the core inspiration for Emilio's character.
  • Using Emilio at least once in NET Taisen play will unlock the title "JAZZ MACHINE."