Ema is a character who first appears in Pop'n Music 9.



A cowgirl who continues to travel in the wilderness of the United States with one thumb. She wants to know how far she can go in this wide world.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 11:

どこまでも道は続くから、 今日も私はまっすぐ歩いていこう。 誰の上にも等しく青い空は広がっているから。

Since the road will continue anywhere, she continues to walk straight for today. Because the blue sky spreads equally for anyone.


  • According to moro, an animation involving Ema and her cow friend was supposed to be used for the OJAMA animations, but because the size of the cow would've been too distracting, it was rejected. However, the animation was still used for Ema's FEVER! Win.


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