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Roku 18 Lose
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エレナ・ザハロフ Elena Zaharov
Elena Icon
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate February 18
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Lavender
Hobby Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
First Appearance Pop'n Music Sunny Park
Other Appearance(s) None
Theme(s) Steel Chronicle
Designer(s) ちっひ
Elena (Full name: Elena Zakharov) is a crossover character from the Konami video game, "Steel Chronicle", who makes an appearance in Pop'n Music Sunny Park.



An excellent hound that kills emotions and preforms missions logically. "Because that is the meaning of my existence."

NET Self

Attack Begin annihilation (殲滅開始 Senmetsu kaishi?)
Damage Please rescue me (救援願います Kyūen negaimasu?)
GOOD Play It's fine (いーです Ii desu?)
BAD Play Trouble has occurred (トラブル発生 Toraburu hassei?)
WIN It is scheduled (予定通りです Yotei-dōridesu?)
LOSE Unforgivable... (ゆるせない… Yurusenai…?)


  • Elena shares her birthday with Smile.
  • Elena has no 2P color palette.
  • For the promotion of Pop'n Music Sunny Park and Steel Chronicle's crossover, KONAMI provided skins for Steel Chronicle based on Pop'n Music characters:
    • Jin Kamiya as MZD (in his PARTY appearance) with Hatena
    • Elena Zakharov as Nia
    • Yun Rina as Poet (in her Sunny Park appearance)
    • Anna Bernhard as Lena
    • Celestine Charleroi as Mary (in her ADVENTURE appearance)
    • Clive Lockhart as Yuli
    • Alex Sutherland as Timer (in his PARTY appearance)
    • Mikasa Crimson as Kanoko
    • Saide Nazim as MZD
    • Noah Maeterlinick as Satou-san with Shishamo
      • These skins are also usede as accessories for each character in Elena's Lose animation in Pop'n Music.



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