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Ekaterina is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 11.


An important person who lives on the border of St. Petersburg.
Alone, the queen recalls the glory of past days, as well as feelings for one person...


Ekaterina takes the form of a gray, plump bird, wearing a floor length dark blue dress with a split up the center that shows a lighter blue and white trimming. Over the dress she wears a blue cape with darker blue spots and white fur trim on both the bottom and around her neck. The neck area has a pink gem in the center and several feathers coming out of it. Her crown is the same colors as her dress, with the middle being a dark blue with a rainbow colored gem and the sides being a lighter blue. The crown also has a white trim and light blue spikes at the top.

NET Self[]

Attack Take that! (かかれ! Kakare!?)
Defense Kuu! (くっ! Ku-tsu!?)
GOOD Play Haha (フフッ Fufu-tsu?)
BAD Play Oh dear! (まぁ! Maa!?)
WIN Ohohohoho! (オホホホホ?)
LOSE My goodness! (なんてこと Nante koto?)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET TOWN Mode[]

Battle [Phase MAX][]

You say that you wish to borrow our country's most valuable
 treasures for a special exhibit at the museum?
 In that case, then please satisfy me.
 The greatest art deserves only the
 greatest music. Hohoho...


  • Ekaterina shares her birthdate with Pop-con.