Eito is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.


Today I will protect the peace of the poolside at all!
"Hey! Don't run on the poolside!"



Eito has the traits of a tan complexion, green eyes, and silver hair. He only wears his swimwear that includes yellow trunks with green sections, a matching Pop-kun swimming cap, and a pair of green goggles. Around Eito's neck is a whistle.

ヘイ!ヘイ!Bay ~ボクらの夏にサマー☆ウェイヴ~

Eito gains another swimwear; this time, it is aquamarine and black. The Pop-kun cap is now aquamarine with back sides, his new, black goggles are hanging around his neck, and now he wears matching swimming pants and a wristband on his left shoulder.

NET Self

Attack Hey! (そこっ! Sokoo!?)
Damage Gwah! (ぐわっ! Guwaa!?)
GOOD Play Alright! (よっしゃー Yoshaa?)
BAD Play You cheat! (ずるっ! Zuruu!?)
WIN End swimming!! (完泳!! Kanei!!?)
LOSE I'm drowning (おぼれるー Oboreru?)


  • On Eito's FEVER! animation in Pop'n Music Lapistoria, he is missing his wristband on his left arm when swimming.
  • Ryuta makes a cameo on Eito's Win animation.
  • Fuga and Retsu make cameos on Eito's FEVER Win animation.
  • Hiumi and Rinka make cameos on his Lose animation.


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