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Eiga "SICILLIANA" no Theme needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Song Connections / Remixes


  • 映画「SICILLIANA」のテーマ is named in the pop'n music data as "soundtrack2", which might indicate that it was originally planned to be a sequel to 宇宙船Q-Mex, SOUND TRACK from pop'n music 3.
  • 映画「SICILLIANA」のテーマ received a new HYPER chart in pop'n music 9.
  • Kevin (spelled as "Kebin") was one of the scrapped characters of pop'n music 3. He was originally intended to be used for the pop'n music 2 CS transplants in pop'n music 3 ([1]).
  • 映画「SICILLIANA」のテーマ received a brand-new EX chart in pop'n music peace, as part of the pop'n time trip (ポップンタイムトリップ) event. This chart can be unlocked from May 23rd, 2019 by filling out 2 stamps of the first pop'n music 5 card.
    • 映画「SICILLIANA」のテーマ's EX chart uses its HYPER chart's keysounds, filling with non-keysounded notes for the rest of the chart.
    • Unlike the other charts for the song, 映画「SICILLIANA」のテーマ's EX chart has Long pop-kuns and Highlight Zones.







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