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Eien toiu na no biyaku ~Pyramid Power・Death Match ver.~ needs its song production/character information, music comment(s), net self lines and/or staff comments translated.



Song Connections / Remixes[]

永遠という名の媚薬 ~Pyramid Power・Death Match ver.~ is a remix of 永遠という名の媚薬, PYRAMID from pop'n music 8.


  • 永遠という名の媚薬 ~Pyramid Power・Death Match ver.~ is one of the unlockable songs of Phase 4 of pop'n music 20 fantasia 's Soreyuke! pop'n quest (それゆけ!ポップンクエスト?) event. It could be unlocked from May 23rd, 2012.
  • 永遠という名の媚薬 ~Pyramid Power・Death Match ver.~'s Music Comment mentions "soflan", a term used to reference beatmania IIDX 2nd style's SOFT LANDING ON THE BODY. This term is used to denominate when a song has sudden big BPM changes.
  • 永遠という名の媚薬 ~Pyramid Power・Death Match ver.~ marks Akihiro Honda's final appearance in BEMANI before he left KONAMI.
  • 永遠という名の媚薬 ~Pyramid Power・Death Match ver.~'s HYPER chart was re-rated in pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 on December 19th, 2017.

Music Comment[]

Song Production Information[]


Difficulty & Notecounts[1][]

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 322 363 822 1098 257 282
pop'n music 20 fantasia 16 18 34 40 16 18
pop'n music Sunny Park→éclale - 24 ↑41 46 16 18
pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢→Present - 24 ↑42 46 16 18




永遠という名の媚薬 ~Pyramid Power・Death Match ver.~