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Eclipse is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He wields a white, jewel-shaped lapis.


其は黒よりも暗き 闇
A darkness darker than black.

Eclipse doesn't seem to have a true personality; instead, he comes from the crescent moon. One of his animations hints that he "collects" the Tsugidoka! characters' lapises, though we don't see him stealing the rest of the lapises.


Eclipse's appearance is that of a mysterious, grim reaper-like figure with a gray color scheme. His face is hidden, and masked by a dark gray sheet with a hat that is attached by black bands. The rest of his attire includes a suit of armor, boots, a tattered cape, and white gloves with black sections.

His 2P colors all of his attire pitch black, and the bands around his hat are blue. Other parts of his outfit also gain blue sections, and his gloves remain white.

NET Self

Attack Be swallowed by darkness (闇に呑まレヨ Yami ni noma reyo?)
Damage ...hmph (・・・ッ ...tsu?)
GOOD Play Idle... (無為… Mui…?)
BAD Play ...
WIN Sleep eternally (永久の眠りヲ Towanonemuri Wo?)
LOSE Light...breaking through (光…喰ワれル Hikari…kuuware ru?)


  • On the Pop'n Music Lapistoria site, Eclipse is one of the few characters that has a gray-scale border around his artwork, as opposed to the usual blue, pink, and orange one.
  • Eclipse's spoken text alternates between hiragana and katakana, which implies that his way of speaking moves up and down in tone between syllables, or is otherwise hard to comprehend.
  • Eclipse shares the white jewel lapis with Kiryu and Kirishima Tsukasa.




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