燃世炎 En Moeyo
En Moeyo
Birthplace Japan
Birthdate July 21
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Red
Hobby Practice!!!
Relative(s) TEN UCHO
Likes Guys stronger than me. Because they are good rivals, and I can become stronger!
Dislikes Milk. I wish I could train my stomach, though.
First Appearance Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL
Other Appearance(s) -
Theme(s) KAKU-G
Designer(s) shio
En Moeyo is a character that appears in Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL.



My fists are burning! My soul is shaking! I'll aim for the top by training today!


"En Moeyo" is a Japanese for "burning flame".


  • EN MOEYO and TEN UCHO's concepts are heavily inspired by the Street Fighter games. Examples of this include their LOSE animations which look very much like the "Continue?" screen from Street Fighter II, EN MOEYO bearing a striking resemblance to the series lead, Ryu, including attacks which look similar to his uppercut (Great animation) and his Hadoken attack (FEVER! animation), and TEN UCHO's resemblance to Gouki/Akuma.
  • Judy and The King make cameos in EN MOEYO's background. Bomber cameos in the WIN animation, while NaN cameos in the LOSE animation.


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