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Move your...
(Yeah, yeah, so let's go over here's and show dis over here, mate!)
(Move on, so let's go! That's right, it's da hold up! Move on! Wow! It's on!)
Move your...
Move, move your body!

Move, move, move your body!
Move your! Move, move your body!
Move your! Move, move your body!
Move, move your body!

(Yeah, baby!)
Get, get! Get, get! Get, get!
Break it down!

Move your body!
Move, move your body!
Move, move your body!
Move, move, move, move your body! Move!
Move your, move your...

Song Connections/Remixes

  • A slight mix of e-motion, titled e-motion (2nd MIX), appears in beatmania 2ndMIX. This version is used in the pop'n music series, where it is simply displayed as e-motion.
  • A remix of e-motion by dj TAKA, known as e-motion (ROMANTIC STYLE), appears in beatmania CORE REMIX.
    • Yet another remix by dj TAKA appears in beatmania IIDX 9th style, known as e-motion 2003 -romantic extra-.
  • An extended version of e-motion, titled e-motion beatmania-DA!! Special Version, can be found in beatmania打!! and beatmania打打打!!.
    • A different extended version of e-motion (2nd MIX), titled e-motion (2nd MIX) beatmania-DA!! Special Version, can also be found in beatmania BEST打!! and beatmania打打打!!.


  • e-motion marks the first appearance of Tomomi Ohta in BEMANI.
  • e-motion was misspelt as e~emotion in the first beatmania.
  • The artist's name, e.o.s means "emotion of sound".
  • e-motion is the first BEMANI crossover in pop'n music.
  • Currently, e-motion is the only song in pop'n music's BEMANI Category that doesn't have a HYPER chart.
    • It's also the shortest playable song in the entire arcade pop'n music series.
  • In pop'n music, e-motion was originally a secret unlock. In pop'n music 2, it was knocked down to a Second Stage song. From pop'n music 9 onward, the song is playable on all stages.
  • In pop'n music 2 and its CS counterpart, e-motion's character was Rave girl [2], and it has never been used elsewhere.
  • e-motion's beatmania IIDX notecharts are notorious for being off-sync.
  • e-motion is one of the only two songs from the DanceDanceRevolution 2ndMIX CLUB VERSION games still playable in the arcade versions of DanceDanceRevolution, along with GENOM SCREAMS.

Music Comment

Asian English version: Refreshing excitement with this great hit!


Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 102 136 - - 148 -
Pop'n Music→2 - 20 - - - -
Pop'n Music 4 - 20 - - - -
Pop'n Music 9 8 ↓15 - - 14 -
Pop'n Music 10→fantasia ↑9 15 - - 14 -
Sunny Park - 21 - - 14 -
Pop'n Music CS - 20 - - - -
Pop'n Music 2 CS - 20 - - - -