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ダイヤ Daiya


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Dia 2P

Dia IconDia 2P Icon
Birthplace Brazil
Birthdate April 18th
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Purple
Hobby Shopping
Likes Flashy things, cats
Dislikes Simple things
First Appearance pop'n music 3
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 9 (ee'MALL)
Theme(s) Euro Dance

House (ee'MALL)

Designer(s) いぬ千代

Dia is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 3.


A sexy girl free from the cold. Though she's usually quiet,
and wrapped in her own original fashion, she seems to dance to hot and intense music.


Dia has dark brown eyes, a light brown complexion, and wavy purple hair decorated with a light pink and magenta headband. Her top is magenta with a light pink heart design and her skirt is light blue and light pink striped. She also wears thick brown sandals.

Dia's 2P color gives her green eyes and pink hair. Her tanktop and headband are orchid and black, while her skirt is purple and black striped. Her 2P is used in the ee'MALL song What is Love?.

NET Self

Attack Let's go (いくわよ Iku wa yo?)
Damage Kyaaah! (きゃーー! Kyaaa!?)
GOOD Play *hums* (るんるん Runrun?)
BAD Play Uh oh (あらら Arara?)
WIN Dance ☆ (ダーンス☆ Daansu ☆?)
LOSE *bawls* (わーーん Waaan?)


  • Dia's birthdate is identical to Elenoa's
    • Dia's birthday is a pun on her name, with "dai" being 1 and "ya" being 8. April's birthstone (diamond) also relates to her name.
  • On the Pop'n Stage site, Dia's nameis spelled as "Daiya".
  • An unused design for Dia can be found in いぬ千代's sketchbook section on the Pop'n Music 5 site. She wore a light blue and pink striped mini dress and white boots with brown soles.






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