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DJ Tsuyoshi is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE. He is part of the twin character template, alongside OJ Tsuyoshi, called Tsuyoshi.



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DJ Tsuyoshi is shown as a young man with olive colored messy hair and green eyes. He wears a blue and white visor with light blue lopsided headphones. His tank top is loose and light green with white trim, while his jeans are baggy and dark blue, and worn with black sneakers. He wears a red band on his right wrist and carries an instrument that combines a record and guitar.

His 2P palette gives him light orange hair an brown eyes. His visor and tank top become red-violet, while his headphones are colored yellow, his jeans dark green, and his wristband white.


DJ Tsuyoshi is half of Tsuyoshi, and as such appears in Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL and Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden as well.

His appearance in Pop'n Music 13 gives him an outfit similar to the one in Pop'n Music 15, although he wears a dark blue baseball hat with a blue trim instead of a visor, a gold necklace, and his sneakers have stripes.

In Pop'n Music 18, he's given an Eastern-themed outfit, and wears a red kimono under a light green robe with blue stripes tied with a blue sash. His robe is worn long on one side, while one of his sleeves are rolled up and the other worn long. He wears a black beaded necklace and sandals and keeps his headphones and wristband. His hair is tied up with a red tie and the parasol he carries is red and blue.


"DJ" refers to his fondness for disc scratching (acronym of disc jockey), while Tsuyoshi comes from DJ Yoshitaka and Yoshihiko Koezuka's collaborative name.


  • DJ Tsuyoshi's birthdate is identical to Chiking's.
    • The birthdate represents DJ YOSHITAKA's birthdate.




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