This article focuses on the Pop'n Music 14 FEVER! character, D. If you are looking for the Pop'n Music 10 character, see Hot.D

ディ Di
D IconD 2P Icon
Birthplace Kotoku, Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate February 22nd
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Dark purple
Hair Color Lilac, red streak
Hobby Guitar
Dislikes People who never join in
First Appearance pop'n music 14 FEVER!
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) Des-Rock
Designer(s) amamon.


Hey hey, D-sama's LIVE starts!!
All you guys, make some nooooooooiseeee!!!! Gwaaaaaaaaa!!


Des Rock

D appears with lilac or lavender-colored hair, that is long and reaches to the length of his waist; his hair have a red streak at the center. He have mahogany-colored eyes and peachy skin. D's attire was a black jacket with a button on the collar. He has dark purple eyes while removing a black headband marked "D" (his nickname). He wears a red shirt underneath his jacket and wields his red guitar strapped to his back. D wears blue, torn-up pants, gray shoes, and a gray belt on his hips.


D is only present in Ryan's FEVER! animation, along with Uowo.

NET Self

Attack Let's go!! (いくぜっ!! Iku zee!!?)
Damage Damn it... (くそっ・・・ Kusoo...?)
GOOD Play OK! (オッケィッ! Okkeii!?)
BAD Play Ouch! (アウチッ! Auchii!?)
WIN Come on! (カモーンッ! Kamoonn!?)
LOSE Aah... (あぁぁ・・・ Aaa...?)


  • D's name stands for Des-ROW's appearances of Pop'n Music. Another is DTO from Pop'n Music 10.
  • D's birthdate is identical to Sonar's, Mugibatake's, and Nakajima-san's.
  • D's hair color is mistaken as cyan in his WIN animation.
    • The guitar is modified into an arrow shape instead of a regular one.
  • Dami-yan makes a cameo on D's MISS, LOSE, and WIN animations, while Fat Boy makes a cameo in WIN animation also.
    • Donna also makes her cameo in D's Lose animation.