Cup-kun is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 9. He is only a hidden, playable character in this game, but received a new song in Pop'n Music Sunny Park.



Cup-kun is simply a white, smiling cup.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music Sunny Park:
In the park's cafe is always very popular right in break.
Today, the cafe live will be held. Cup-kun smiles to the nice music♪


  • Cup-kun shares his birthday with Irys, Kid and Ms. Mush.
  • He is friends with Nyami despite her dislike of coffee cups.
  • Several characters make cameos in Cup-Kun's animations.
    • Mimi and Nyami appear on Cup-kun's idle and MISS animations.
    • SANAE-chan and RIE-chan make cameos on Cup-kun's DANCE ojama.
    • IZUMI-san makes cameos on Cup-kun's MISS animation and DANCE ojama.
    • Sugi-kunReo-kunNina and MZD make cameos on Cup-kun's FEVER animation.
    • Jean makes a cameo on Cup-kun's LOSE animation.


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