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Cosine is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!.



A virtual survival game that begins every night with the stage being space.
For one to participate in such a game, you'd need full-fledged shooting skills!

Are you participating?

Cosine seems to be an energetic, easy going and cheerful, but also clumsy boy, from what can be seen from his animations, where he always is with a smile on his face. His design concept consist in a virtual reality game (laser tag) player, that is also a student.


Big Bang Stars[]

Cosine have the appearance of a boy which skin color is blue; under his small dark blue equipment that covers his chest, he wears a loose white blouse with long sleeves and pink collar; a helmet of the same colour of his blouse with three visible blue triangles upside down on the center and that has a dark blue vitrual visor that has a pink bright sphere in it. His baggy trousers and boots are black with small pink pink details, like the belt. Since Cosine is a laser tag player, he has a pink gun with blue and white details.

In the 2P color palette, Cosine has a white-pale skin. His helmet, blouse, trouser and boots are black; His visor, equipment and gun are pink like some small details of the helmet, trousers and boots, where it's possible to find the red color too. The sphere of Cosine's visor is yellow.


Cosine appears on the card "FUTURE ELECTRIC SURVIVOR".

He and Bit appear as targets on Jouro-Hime's FEVER! and Win animations.


  • Cosine birthdate is identical to Chara-O and Wilhelm 's.
  • Despite the blue skin, Cosine is a human. According to the character's design, (Amamon), The color of his skin is based on the fact that Laser tag arenas are dark and the few colorful lights in it gives your skin different colors.