Copel is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


うっかり地球に落っこちたときのショックで ○。☆「ワタシハダレデスカ?」
There is a fluffy floating princess of the stars.
When she inadvertently shock and fall to Earth, she asks ○。☆"Who am I?"

Copel is first introduced as an alien, who is a princess from a star. She was struck by amnesia after she crashed down to Earth.

Character Information

I received a so-right fluffy Pops in Pop'n Music ~Welcome~.
Yes, OK! Of course I love the feeling.
Like a fluffy voice where I dreamed yesterday, from fragments of fleecy lyrics, I received a talk of Copel, the floating princess by imagination.

The outlines that want to take out fluffy feelings were always animated in fluff.
Speaking of some fluff...
Copel is an alien who appears as that person who is the memory of her;
after she lost her memories with a shocking fall on Earth,
she'd've gone back to the appearance of a child, and becomes fleecy on the roof as a lost child.
The last is that she has to pick up the UFO from her planet to go back to her original form to gain memories.
Hail, hail...
Wait, it's my story to tell.
........Now I set to not understand myself while telling. Sorry!



High Collar Pop

Copel appears to be a small alien girl, having the physical traits of blonde, jiggly hair, and cyan eyes, shaping as a circle on her right and a star on the opposite. She only wears a pink, wobbly dress, and goes barefooted. In her FEVER! Win animation, she gains longer hair, a slightly longer dress and a medium growth spurt. Her original palette is reused in ラブラドライト from Pop'n Music éclale.

Copel's 2P has pale, tanned skin, blue hair, dark turquoise eyes and wears a dress that is magenta pink.

NET Self

Attack Boing boing (ぴょんぴょん Pyon pyon?)
Damage Argh~ (ぴるる~ Piruru~?)
GOOD Play (Kisses) (ちゅっ♥ Chu♥?)
BAD Play A shadow? (はてな? Hatena??)
WIN That's it (そうなのね Sōnano ne?)
LOSE Tell me (おしえて Oshiete?)


Copel makes a cameo in Flora's FEVER! animation, along with other characters. She also appeared in Horn's FEVER! Win animation.




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